What is true, and HOW DO YOU KNOW?

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. . .and YHWH says:
“‘By the strength of my hand I have done this,
and by my wisdom, Because I have understanding.
Isaiah 10:13

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University Office  & Information Center - insights on the purpose and plan of this university, New Visitor's Message

 Assembly Hall -  Essays as Subject Introductions to scripture concepts and bible study


Auditorium -  Sacred dialog, Doctrinal information with Videos and audio presentations


Cafeteria -  Food for thought, meals from plates and charts revealing divine principles and mysteries

Custodial Services- Campus/building and grounds Maintenance, site maps, problem resolution, and contact center


Gymnasium  -  Exercises in the Law and Prophets, and use of the Tabernacle Pattern

The Library
- study materials, School history (Panoramic Vision), dictionaries and bibles. bibliography, Archives/URLs, Reference Materials, etc.

Student Center Friendship Blog& dialog for general communication, multi-media interaction, newsletter and Campus Bulletin Board


Classrooms -  Indepth studies and Research, instruction in the use of all Divine and Sacred learning/study tools

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For you to participate on this campus and enjoy our interaction possibilities, we recommend bookmarking any page you may want to return to often. That way you may have quick access to it as you wish. Also, by having more then one window open, you can compare material and have study aids for quick reference, comparison and review.


And just in case you don't know, there is the "Navigation Bar" which is a group or list of links to be found at the top, the side or bottom of a page. But in the page area there may be other links that will often be a small image or picture and underlined text (words).  So don't restrict your cursor from poking around for a link or two if you think more info might be available. 


Usually there is more than one way to get to a particular building or area.  Your experience in moving around in the campus will be the best way to learn them. Please remember to allow your cursor to freely move around in a window area to locate helpful links.  In the mean time, we recommend bookmarking as the most reliable method for quickly re-connecting to what you are most interested in.  And thank you again for visiting and studying with us.

We are vigilant in our efforts to provide a maximum user friendly interaction and learning experience. But you may fine some area that is not finished or where some features may not work as they should; so please bear with us. Much like a fetus in the womb: our campus and studies are formed and developed according to the tabernacle-pattern which serves as a universal principle. Because the pattern, as a principle, is a threefold structure; therefore the development of our university and learning programs are also arranged in three parts.  Once our programs are completed the student or learner should be greatly benefited from this structured and systematic way of learning.  The Book of Exodus is the source for our direction in this task (see Exodus 25:8-9, 40; Hebrews 8:3-5).