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OKAY!  OKAY!  we have spouted off about knowing the truth. 
BUT, by doing so,
we have tried to stimulate thought and to extract some kind of meaningful feedback. Some viewers have been kind enough to responded. They have indicated their likes or dislikes about the campus, which we truly appreciate So there have been some questions and comments posted on the Blog in our Friendship Lounge, and others by email. So please continue to communicate with us, because that helps us to be sure we included materials to cover subjects that interest you most relating to our Creator.

Below, we have written the short answers to three questions presented at the Information Center. But please be advised that there are more expanded and complete answers to be found else where in our Virtual University learning environment, especially in the classrooms.  
In fact, further discussions of many subjects will occur on campus, so we hope you will spend some time enjoying our campus facilities.  And no matter what your experience is, please come back to see us, because we are convinced that what we have here is very good for one's soul.



We think life is too precious to waste  by just living each day without any real understanding of why we exist as we do. What is the point? We are born into this world of so many possibilities, good and bad; but we have no real understanding of WHY. And then we die, but who knows what death really is?  And what happens after death?


And just think of how many voices are offering us a way to know the truth or to gain personal fulfillment.  And YES, we are another voice in the mix. But here at this school, there is a difference. We say to you, "Make us prove what we are saying." Ask questions, listen to the answers, examine the information, and then do the research so that you might know and understand for yourself what is true.


If you do not care, that is your choice.  But one day your physical life will end, and then what?



"Come,visit our CAFETERIA"


NOW, before we continue any further, let me give you a short answer to each of the three questions you saw in the Information Center:

#1  How are we made in the image of God? 
Our physical body is constructed in a threefold manner:  a head cavity, chest cavity, and abdominal cavity.  This corresponds to a threefold Divine Tabernacle Pattern that has a Most Holy Place, a Holy Place, and a Court round About.   The nine systems in your physical body represent or reflect the nine vessels that appear in the Tabernacle Pattern.  This is a Divine Tabernacle Pattern that was shown to Moses IN A VISION when he went into the cloud that was on top of Mount Sinai in Arabia, 1490 years before the birth of the Messiah.  The Creator told him to build a physical one in the desert exactly like the one he was shown in the mount.  And Moses recorded his experience in the book of Exodus [25:8-9 KJV].  At that same time Moses also saw how the man was made in the likeness and image of his creator which he later recorded and described in the book of Genesis [1:26-27;2:7].  
#2  Who or what is God?
The term God/GOD is a title, incorrectly being used for the name of our Creator. Correctly, the term should be the Hebrew title, "Elohim."  This is the title of the Spirit Image (a Super-Incorporeal shape and form) that can only be seen in a vision or revelation. Moses, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, plus 70 elders of Israel saw this spirit form while standing on Mount Sinai.  It was by Divine invitation that they were invited up onto the mountain and permitted to see this Super-Incorporeal Being. This event occurred before Moses saw HOW Elohim (God) made the creation and then formed the man, Adam, to look like Himself. (see Exodus 24:9-10; Genesis 1:26-27 KJV)

#3  Why are we here on earth?
The purpose for our presence here on earth is to participate in fulfilling the Eternal Purpose of our Creator.  Within that purpose many souls are being transformed or converted into spiritual sons of Yahweh (the LORD is the term used by tradition). And because of that Divine operation (conversion), we can enjoy the gift of Eternal Life now, and also in the ages to come. That is the gift or inheritance that permits us to live in Eternity with Yahweh and His only begotten son, whose true name is Yahshua (the name, Jesus, is a popular substitute for his true and correct Hebrew name).  This is a sensitive subject for some but very critical for all of us who desire to know the truth about these matters. (Acts 4:10-12 and 17:24-31; John 17:3 KJV))

NOTE:   Various subjects in the above answers will be thoroughly re-examined, investigated and explained in our " Classroom " Studies. 

We are vigilant in our efforts to provide a maximum user friendly interaction and learning experience. But you may fine some area that is not finished or where some features may not work as they should; so please bear with us. Much like a fetus in the womb: our campus and studies are formed and developed according to the tabernacle-pattern which serves as a universal principle. Because the pattern, as a principle, is a threefold structure; therefore the development of our university and learning programs are also arranged in three parts.  Once our programs are completed the student or learner should be greatly benefited from this structured and systematic way of learning.  The Book of Exodus is the source for our direction in this task (see Exodus 25:8-9, 40; Hebrews 8:3-5).