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(2)This message was written to a friend who has been corresponding regarding this teaching. She asked specifically about the soul and its existence beyond physical death.
This answer will be made more complete in a classroom session.

(3) Usually where one sees statements or phrases with the term, forever, the context it is used in suggests a period of time that has a beginning and an end.  Here are some examples:
I will love you forever, until the end of time. 
I could see forever [a timelessness with in eternity].
This is my name forever.  (Exodus 3:15,NIV) 

I am defining the term Forever in this way, because I am relating my statements to eternity,
and the week is a specified period within eternity.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.  (Revelation 1:7-9, KJV)
(3) On this site I use these terms, I, we, and us, to indicate that I am one person who is site manager, but I colaborate with associates regarding the content of this site.  We are not yet a formal group, but I have taken the lead in establishing this site and begin developing it.  I have been corespnding with some folks who have indicated that they would like to have more information and dialog regarding this teaching. That is one reason why I have started this site, but another reason is that the value, magnitude and implication of this knowledge compels me to share it with others. 

NOTE: We use a variety of bible versions in order to set before you the best reading to convey the thought most correctly. 

NOTE:  We use the bible version that will provide the best reading to convey the correct thought. So for this page we have reference to these versions:

             ESV = English Standard Version
             KJV = King James Version
             NIV = New International Version.

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